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Carlton’s Hard Work & Dedication Earned Bullseye! Employee Spotlight Award for July 2017

“He’s a steady person who selects with passion. The way he prepares his orders is always exceptional. He takes pride in what he does.”

– Warehouse Manager Billy on Carlton L., Bullseye! Employee Spotlight winner

ROLINC scheduled a meeting to present Carlton with his personalized Bullseye! Employee Spotlight Award and $50 Visa gift card. Usually, this is a two-person meeting with the employee and their direct manager.

This time, it was a room of 10 people from his coworkers to warehouse and operations managers. They wanted to celebrate Carlton’s hard work, dedication and loyalty with him.

What His Team Has to Say

It was obvious that he has made an immense impact on their operations throughout his time there. The team couldn’t be more excited to have someone like Carlton on their team.

Warehouse Manager Billy (to Carlton’s right in the above picture) nominated Carlton and spoke about his excellent work ethic and the energy he brings to his job.

“What he brings, the night shift needed. He’s a steady person who selects with passion. The way he prepares his orders is always exceptional. He takes pride in what he does,” Billy said as the room nodded in agreement.

“When we’re shorthanded, he comes in two to three hours early to help finish orders from the previous shift,” he continued. “He’s always sharing information and takes steps to show others the proper ways to do things.”

Proving His Dedication

His direct supervisor Kirby discussed what a pleasure it is to have Carlton on his team.

“He asked to be the frozen selector on nights, which is a testament to his dedication to our company. He will take on any challenges and has exceeded a lot of them, not just met. He’s well-deserving of this award.”

Carlton has worked through ROLINC since May 2015. He had worked previously at Dawn Foods and they were glad to bring him back on board.

We’re proud that Carlton represents our company and are looking for more employees like him.

If you are searching for the next targeted step in your career, reach out to ROLINC Staffing to discuss our opportunities available to you. You could be our next employee to earn the Bullseye! Employee Spotlight Award including a $50 Visa gift card, customized plaque and your story on our website.


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