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5 Reasons to Work in Manufacturing

Opportunities Abound

Education is paramount – but it comes in many forms that aren’t your standard 4-year college. Vocational schools and on-the-job training are also critical to success.

Endless education awaits those in manufacturing. New machinery, processes, technologies, regulations and customer needs bring new opportunity with tangible results.

Here are our top five reasons to work in the manufacturing industry:

1.) You’re Needed

80% of the current manufacturing workforce is age 45 to 65. One-third of those employees are 55 to 65 years old, leaning toward retirement. Their skill sets and knowledge needs to be passed on to new employees to keep jobs in the U.S.

2.) You Earn More

It’s a common misconception that manufacturing is a “poor” field. In 2014, the average US worker made approximately $54,450 annually. The average manufacturing sector employee earned $77,000. There are also better benefits than most industries, including medical benefits and retirement plans.

3.) You’ll Create Something Real

When you’re in manufacturing, you have a tangible goal to reach. You create a physical product, can ensure its quality and get to a customer in great need of your help.

You may be helping save someone’s life through medical device manufacturing, or preventing a life lost by producing construction safety equipment. So many people don’t realize that things need to be MADE, they don’t just appear. You can be the person to make something that changes someone’s life.

4.) You’ll Have Growth Opportunities

You can grow both vertically and horizontally in manufacturing. Vertical growth means you can, for example, start in a technician role, move to lead then supervisor, engineering technician, manager, and potentially a director level role.

Horizontal growth means expanding your skills for your current role and provide a better value to a company. You gain a broader view of the company, its people and overall goals.

These types of growth are not exclusive of one another – you can grow your value horizontally and gain a higher role in the company vertically. It’s great to know you’re in an industry that allows such growth.

5.) You’ll Contribute to the US Economy

Manufacturing creates jobs, but often the products that are made at a manufacturing facility creates exponentially more jobs at another company.

A company that creates grills for the food service industry gives cooks a place to cook. Luxury retail cabinetry companies provide displays and registers for retail sales employees. Printed circuit board manufacturers build PCBs for drones that protect our country, operated by an active duty Air Force officer.

Be a Part of It 

Manufacturing jobs don’t have the single purpose of giving one person one job. This field creates jobs in every other industry in every place throughout the country.

The manufacturing industry needs more employees in all areas – and you could be one of them in this amazing, growing industry!

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