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Joe Found His Happy Place! Bullseye Employee of the Quarter

“Every single person is happy and excited to share information on everything with me; it’s such an enjoyable job.” – Joe S., electromechanical assembly technician

Chelsy, a top ROLINC recruiter in our Aurora office, called Joe immediately based upon his resume. Joe initially applied to a job that wasn’t the one he ultimately accepted.

“I was working for a military vehicle contractor for allies, working in the Carolinas,” Joe said. “I loved the job but wanted to move. I had no options here [in Denver] at the time, but I flew out.”

Joe landed in the Loveland area just this past summer and, though he found a job, he continued to send out his resume in hopes of a better fit. He wanted something more from his workplace. Then Chelsy reached out.

“Chelsy was perfect, she answered all of my questions. She was super helpful and had great communication.”

It Takes Time

ROLINC has a client in the same line of work as one of Joe’s previous employers. His strong skills in retrofitting trucks for various applications, including welding and fabrication, really stood out to Chelsy and she knew he would love the company.

Our client company actually first spoke with Joe in May. At the time, there was not a spot available based on Joe’s skillset.

Thankfully, Chelsy stayed in touch with Joe, and when there was an opening in August, Chelsy reached out to our client again. Soon after, Joe interviewed and was offered the job.

“The people, by far, are my favorite thing about this job. Everyone is helpful, which is great. Normally the new guy won’t ask questions because it’s hard to get an answer. Every single person is happy and excited to share information on everything with me,” Joe said of his new employer.

Joe has done such an excellent job that the client has moved him to another, more northern facility to be closer to home and make an impact there.

For the Greater Good

Outside of work, Joe loves advantage of the outdoors on four wheels.

“I work on cars outside of work, too, and my garage is decorated to the max for offroading.”

We asked Joe which superhero he would be. The company Joe works for retrofits trucks for emergency services and the trades, so he had the perfect answer.

“I want to say Ironman. He’s a mechanically-inclined person and does things for the greater good.”

ROLINC truly appreciates Joe’s hard work for our client, our team here at ROLINC and for our communities that he supports. Joe earned $75 in gift cards, a plaque and lots of ROLINC swag.

Want a Better Job Opportunity?

If you are in the job market and looking for work in the skilled trades, contact ROLINC Staffing today! Our expert recruiters want to find a position that will fit your life long-term, so you can stay happy at your job for years to come.



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