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Bullseye! Emilio is our Employee of the Quarter!!

There’s nothing we love more than finding the “picture perfect” employee for our clients. Emilio exceeded our expectations this quarter!

Emilio readily applied to an ad for an open construction position. Once ROLINC’s Aurora Office Recruiter, Ashley, connected with him she knew right away that Emilio was going to make an awesome teammate to our client’s team:

“Not only is Emilio one of the hardest working employees I have come across, but his supervisors have also always had nothing but great things to say about him! He’s got a great attitude and always has a smile on his face. He is never afraid to jump right in to any job!” – Ashley, Emilio’s Recruiter

Emilio was a First Grade and after school program teacher for years before he decided to pursue a new career path! Emilio wasn’t sure what he wanted to do; he just knew he wanted to build a career in the skilled trades. He definitely came to the right place! Ashley was able to land him a few different interviews with various skilled trades clients.

ROLINC connected Emilio with a company that offered him training and growth in his focus field.

Emilio loves being able to travel, work outside, and learn a variety of skills in his new job. “This job is right up my alley!” he said. Emilio is getting to travel to construction sites all over the front range testing concrete, soil, asphalt and much more! He’s gaining certifications and on-going training.

When he isn’t on the job, Emilio likes to spend time with his family. In his alone time you can catch him reading a good book or playing video games. His favorite book is Push Out , which is a discussion of people of color in the education system.  His favorite video games are role-playing games!

We wish Emilio the best in his endeavors and career path!! Thank you for hitting the mark for our client!