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ROLINC Found Emery an Amazing Job with Unlimited Possibilities – Bullseye! Employee of the Quarter


“It’s up to him what he wants to learn. If he wants to go to school, we’ll send him. It’s really up to him to decide what he wants to do.” -Manny, Shop Manager


Motivated, diligent, committed, industrious, ambitious – these traits cannot be trained.

These soft skills and competencies are innate. They are built throughout one’s lifetime and valued by every manager. These are the skills that prove who’s worthy of more responsibility, better opportunities and an investment in their career from their employer.

Emery exemplifies all of these qualities. According to his manager Manny, Emery can learn anything he wants at the Denver area niche tool manufacturer where he works.

“He has been awesome, has a great attitude, is very reliable, always here, and never says anything negative. It’s up to him what he wants to learn. If he wants to go to school, we’ll send him. It’s really up to him to decide what he wants to do.”


How It All Began

Back in September, Emery performed a Google search of local staffing companies (a recommendation from his mom – thanks, Mom!), hoping to get a job in the next few weeks.

The first call he made was to ROLINC Staffing.

After talking to Aurora recruiter Alexis, she thought his personality and skill sets could be a great fit for an entry-level job at a machine shop that ROLINC has worked with for several years. She knows who fits well there and once she spoke with Emery, she knew he would love it, too.

Alexis got Emery’s information over to Manny right away.

Later that same afternoon, Emery met with Manny, who hired him on the spot. Emery had a job within just a few hours of his first call to ROLINC!


Where is He Now?

Emery is now a permanent employee at ROLINC’s client company!

Manny hired Emery in September 2018 as a night shift bead blaster but quickly gave him more responsibilities. He’s currently handling heat treating and chroming in addition to bead blasting.

Emery enjoys always being busy doing what he loves.

“Time goes by quickly. And I like working with my hands. I’d love to learn more about the processing, hands-on stuff rather than machining.”

“We made a great investment with [Emery], have big plans for him,” Manny told us. “He’s a young kid with a wonderful attitude and great communication. We’re happy to have him on the team.”


Want a Better Job Opportunity?

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