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What’s the Best Way to Get into the Denver Construction Scene?


The construction scene in Denver has been booming over the past few years. At one time, there were over 25 cranes peaking above across the skyline – so, to say it is booming might be an understatement!

How Does the Hiring Market Look?

Working with several builders, general contractors, specialty contractors and construction support services in the Metro Denver area, ROLINC recruiters have noticed a common thread: they can’t hire quickly enough. Bids are getting accepted, and there is plenty of business to be had by builders and their partners. But without the contractors having the personnel to complete the projects, on-time delivery has its challenges! There are plenty of opportunities with employers across Denver who need entry-level and skilled labor, including laborers from other industries who want to get into the construction field.

The Construction Careers Now Program is a great place to start if you intend to get into the industry locally at any level, whether as a skilled or aspiring tradesperson, superintendent, estimator or project manager. Since it’s inception in September 2016, the Colorado CCN Program has had 701 graduates, 62% of which are now working in construction. The program estimates a need for 33,000 construction employees through 2024.

Take that number seriously! The program is run by Associated General Contractors of Colorado, a local chapter of a national organization with a direct pulse on the construction market. AGC of Colorado provides industry-sponsored tuition, which means the CCN Program is free for all students. This includes the opportunity to get an OSHA-10 Certification through this class.

Why Should I Work in Construction?

This industry provides an excellent career path and lifelong opportunities. Benefit packages are often very competitive and most companies offer a strong work-life balance, which most people wouldn’t expect to find. Entry-level employees can earn $15 to $18 per hour right away. This is often higher than what you will find in retail, manufacturing, food service, etc. Experienced tradespeople can earn $25 to $40 per hour or more depending on their trade. Project managers typically earn $75,000 on the earlier end of the experience model. A mid- or senior-level PM can make $90,000 to $110,000 annually. Ultimately, everyone has to start somewhere. The Construction Careers Now Program can open that door for you.

During the 3rd week of class, students are introduced to several contractors that are currently hiring. There is also an open job fair after graduation to hand out resumes, schedule interviews or even gain apprenticeships. ROLINC Staffing has attended the CCN job fairs and has hired graduates!

The best part is that students don’t have to have any construction experience at all. As long as they’re interested in pursuing a construction career and are a resident of Colorado, they can apply.

What’s ROLINC’s Role in Construction?

ROLINC Staffing has been working in the construction industry since its founding in 1993. In the past five years, ROLINC has expanded its reach within the construction field to skilled labor, estimators, project managers and more. We support all the trades including excavation, carpentry, mechanical/HVAC/plumbing, oil & gas storage, concrete, plumbing, glazing and more.

ROLINC has also joined Associated General Contractors of Colorado as a Professional Associate Member and gained access to their pulse on the market and network. The construction industry is still growing – and ROLINC continues to be an integral partner in building Colorado!

Not Sure Where to Start?

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For the Construction Careers Now Program, view the curriculum, class dates and application here. Or you can reach Contact the Construction Careers Now program managers.