Calm Your Nerves and Land the Job by Preparing for Interviews

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Calm Your Nerves and Land the Job by Preparing for Interviews

Don’t ‘wing it’ and go into your interview unprepared.

Interviews are often the most pivotal point in the hiring process. Most employers don’t hire people because a bullet point on their resume says they can do something. They hire the most qualified, skillful candidate for the job AFTER an interview.

How can you prove that YOU are that candidate? Be prepared to show and tell them how!

Here’s how to show the company that YOU are the candidate of choice:

Get Proper Representation

Find a recruiter who knows what you’re capable of (and not capable of) to find the right position for you:

  • ROLINC recruiters can describe your areas of expertise and how you match the position better than just a resume submission.
  • Recruiters also have established relationships with hiring managers after earning their trust with previous successful hires. This leads to a higher chance of getting an interview.
  • They can give you resources and an inside look at interviews with specific hiring managers you can’t get anywhere else.

Choose the Right Interview Attire

Make sure your attire fits the job you’re interviewing for:

  • Business casual is interview-appropriate for nearly any position.
  • Heat up the iron and press your clothes for a clean look and professional impression.
  • If you aren’t sure, ask your recruiter what to wear.

Be Early, Not On Time

To many employers, being on time means you’re actually late:

  • Do a practice run the day before your interview. Plan the route and drive there.
  • Assume traffic and red lights will disrupt your plan. Add a few extra minutes to make that time up.
  • Schedule to arrive 15 minutes early. Then if you’re a few minutes behind, you’re still on time.

Study Up!

With today’s technology, there is no reason to be clueless about your potential employer before your interview:

  • Go directly to their website and read about the company history, staff and current events.
  • Ask your recruiter for any details they can provide on the company or interviewer.
  • Review their social media, reviews and product information to discuss with your interviewer.

If You Can’t Say Anything Nice…

If you talk negatively about past experiences, there can only be a negative view of you:

  • Never bad-mouth a previous employer or co-worker.
  • Always make the conversation positive.
  • If you are asked to describe a bad experience, remember the interview is not a venting session.

Show Your Appreciation

Spend a few minutes to say thanks for the opportunity:

  • Drop off a hand-written note or send an email to say “thanks”.
  • If you were given the OK to contact your interviewer directly, give them a call or leave a voicemail expressing your gratitude.
  • Be creative! Send them a picture or product to prove your previous success and tell them how you plan to succeed in this new role.

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