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Congratulations on Your Promotion, Sarah!

“Denver is becoming the Silicon Valley of the West in [the machining] field. It’s exciting to be a part of that local movement.”

Through her hard work, quick learning and strong communication with candidates, Sarah has been promoted into the recruiter role. Congrats, Sarah!

Sarah has been a recruiter-in-training with ROLINC since the end of October 2016. She joined the Aurora branch with hopes of making a difference in Denver by finding targeted candidates with specific experience needed by our client employers. It’s her connections with and understanding of candidates’ experiences that help her make strong placements.

Communication in a Changing Market

Although ROLINC recruiters in the Aurora office aren’t tied to one specific division, Sarah’s main focus is typically on candidates in the skilled trades. She has filled positions in machining, hydraulic pump assembly, mechanical assembly and bookkeeping.

“Seeing the impressive explosion of positions in the machining field is amazing. Denver is becoming the Silicon Valley of the West in that field. It’s exciting to be a part of that local movement.”

Sarah’s candidates often compliment her turnaround time after interviews. She responds when she says she’s going to or earlier to ensure that everyone is in the loop. She understands the stresses of searching for a job and the lack of communication that occurs with most employers when looking for a job. Her great communication is one the reasons for her great candidate retention.

Working with the Team

Sarah enjoys coming to the office everyday and working with her group in Aurora.

“[I like] how well built the team is here. There’s impressive communication with everyone in the office. And the support that is readily available when needed or wanted is comforting. All the people here are so passionate about what they do. We’re all from different places and backgrounds, but we have the same goal in helping people.”

Keep up the hard work, Sarah! We’re proud to have you as a member of the team and can’t wait to see where you go from here. Congratulations on your promotion to recruiter!

You can reach Sarah at or 303-364-5300 ext. 207.