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Ice the Ice – Stay Safe at Work and Home This Winter!

What was the result of our first snowfall mixed with the radiating Colorado sun?  Ice, of course!  Be prepared by winterizing your home or business to prevent any slips and falls this winter season.

Civil Engineers at construction site are inspecting ongoing production according to design drawings.

Ice the Ice

Rock salt and magnesium chloride are two chemical solutions to help remove ice, but a milder ice melt concoction made with household items exists.  It’s also less expensive and won’t destroy your sidewalks or walkways over time.

Simply add:

– 6 drops of Dawn dish soap and

– 2 ounces of rubbing alcohol into a

– 1/2 -gallon of warm water.

Mix them together in a clean gallon milk jug and you’re set!  You can also put the mixture into a spray bottle since you don’t need much to do the job.  You can view a video of this at

Post Winter Safety Rules

There are rules for a reason, and they’re almost always for safety and protection.  OSHA provides “Winter Weather Preparedness” information to keep everyone safe at work, including engineering controls, such as radiant heaters, where needed.  OSHA also discusses communicating and training employees on proper techniques to prevent winter injuries.  Add a few rules around the house or workplace to keep everyone safe in inclement winter weather:

  • Provide required ice cleats – give your self, family and employees extra traction on ice by providing required ice cleats, or “stabilicers”.  They wrap around boots or shoes to provide extra traction and grip on winter surfaces.
  • No jumping off of anything – this may be a permanent rule, but if the temperatures are cold there could be unforeseen ice in your landing spot.
  • Shovel snow the right way – moving a bigger pile of snow than your buddy isn’t the smartest idea.  Chip away at the snow mounds in reasonable, smaller shovelfuls to prevent an injury to your back or arms.
    • Also, drink lots of water to stay hydrated.
    • And don’t be afraid to take breaks – it’s the smarter thing to do!
  • Clear the air – it’s a big danger to have folks walk under icicles, especially with our sun melting them during the day until they crash to the ground.  Use proper techniques to remove dangling icicles from walkways or require walking on a path that completely avoids overhead dangers until they’re removed.

Communicate About the Cold

Provide an easy system to reach all our your employees or family should weather conditions affect hours or availability.  Tell employees to check your company’s website or social media outlets every morning that it’s snowing to ensure the business will be open – then you won’t have to make individual phone calls to each employee.