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Are You Communicating with Emotional Intelligence?

Chief Operating Officer Adrian Dominguez led a meeting last week to review Emotional Intelligence for Sales Success by Colleen Stanley, president and founder of SalesLeadership, Inc. in Lakewood, CO.  The book focuses on empathizing, controlling your verbal impulses and gaining stronger time management skills by providing clear and effective communication.



ROLINC Staffing leadership often concentrates on continuous improvement to provide high quality service and change the reputation of poor communication that often plagues the staffing industry.  By focusing on our “emotional intelligence,” we learn how to improve our relationships with clients, candidates and co-workers to earn more placements in the niche industries we serve.


“One thing that stood out to me most was that people tend to look at communication as a sales function exclusively.  It’s interesting how some people grow and excel in their careers while others with virtually the same skills don’t simply because they haven’t learned how to communicate effectively,” Adrian said.
ROLINC’s COO also added that communication affects the entire organization.  “To see sales people, recruiters, and accounting staff at the same table, all understanding the importance and relating to the topic of communication is huge.”


Included in Emotional Intelligence for Sales Success is the topic of delayed gratification.  Some staffing companies rush to get a candidate to their client without listening or asking questions to the hiring manager or the candidate, simply to fulfill their need for instant gratification.  ROLINC aims to get all the details pertinent to everyone’s needs to make sure it’s a strong fit all-around.  Communicating with empathy is one of the keys to really understanding what a company needs in this particular role – it might be the same job title as at another company or even within their own company, but every single position is unique and requires an individual with that unique, niche skill set to properly fill that role.


Through empathizing, listening and asking questions, and taking the time to get to know the client and the candidate, we are able to more successfully fill positions for the long-term.


“Just quickly satisfying a need and acting busy, that’s not productive long-term,” Adrian added.  “Living through the pain of listening, asking questions and ultimately communicating what’s actually going on on the recruiting or sales or accounting side is much more valuable.  It’s always best practice to keep everyone in-the-know, and that’s what we strive to do throughout all areas of our business.”


If you’re seeking talent for your company or searching for the next solid step in your career, reach out to ROLINC Staffing – we strive to hit the mark!