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ROLINC Staffing Celebrates a Milestone: 30 Years of Business

In 2023, ROLINC Staffing is proud to celebrate 30 years of successful business. Founded in 1991 in Englewood, CO, ROLINC was ahead of its time in trying to connect businesses with qualified candidates through an exclusive online network: Resumes On-Line, Inc. (ROLINC). In 1993, we transitioned away from the online database model and ROLINC as we know it today was born, becoming a niche firm starting in telecom and moving into skilled trades, construction trades, and industrial services. 

30 Years of Changing Lives 

“Our anniversary celebration means the world to us,” says Adrian Dominguez, CEO of ROLINC Staffing. “Not merely for the feat of reaching 30 years in business, which truly is an amazing achievement, but it means so much to me and to our team because of how it represents all the lives that have been changed over 30 years.” 

To what do we attribute our success? Adapting to the hiring market and working with our amazing partner clients who display the same values that are at the core of our company: 

  • Passion for the people and their work. 
  • Integrity in doing the right thing, even when it’s tough. 
  • Empathy to have the patience and understanding to support their teams. 

“Our company exists to make a difference by connecting great people with great opportunities,” Dominguez says. “This is what we look forward to celebrating with our clients, our team, and hopefully even some of our field staff! We will be celebrating on Friday, May 19th at the ViewHouse in Centennial, CO.” 

Looking Forward to 30 More 

As we celebrate our 30th anniversary, we look forward to what the future holds. ROLINC Staffing is set to expand in Colorado and open also branches in new regions across the United States, from Salt Lake City to San Antonio, Phoenix, and beyond. We’re excited to continue connecting qualified people with great companies across the western United States. 

ROLINC Staffing provides targeted talent solutions for the skilled trades industries, including manufacturing, distribution, construction companies, and government facilities, and helps job seekers find work in these industries. We also offer solutions for HR, safety, cost containment, and other employment solutions and best practices.  

In need of talent solutions for your company? Looking for work in the skilled trades? Contact ROLINC Staffing’s recruitment team to get started.