ROLINC Employee Spotlight

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Happy engineer worker enjoy working in factory industry.

ROLINC Employee Spotlight

Our culture is at the top of our company’s values and we would not be able to sustain and continue to build the culture we have without employees that exemplify what we believe makes a ROLINC employee stand out above the rest. We believe in celebrating our leaders of ROLINC that exude our core values of Passion, Integrity, and Empathy!

To kick-off 2021, this month our outstanding ROLINC Employee goes to Ivonne, our payroll administrator! Ivonne started with ROLINC as a temporary office employee and quickly showed she could help take ROLINC’s team to the next level. Since then she has continued to grow with us and is an integral part of our team. 


Her manager, Andrea, agrees that Ivonne’s dedication to her team is admirable. 

Ivonne consistently impresses me with her hard work and dedication.  She is always offering to help, taking on new tasks, and going after issues with tenacity.  She will work on an issue until it is resolved, even if that means calling a vendor or government agency several times, waiting on hold, explaining the issue again, and so on.  We are lucky to have such a hard worker like Ivonne on our team.  Her great sense of humor is just the icing on top!”


To get to know a little bit more about our spotlight employee we interviewed Ivonne and asked her some fun questions! Read on to get to know Ivonne better: 

How has your career with ROLINC developed/ changed since you first started?

I started my career with ROLINC in a front desk position, supporting the recruiting team. Now I am in the payroll department dealing with garnishments, bills, etc. It is rewarding to have the opportunity to learn and prove yourself when facing new challenges  in your life; ROLINC gave me the opportunity to do so on a career level. Although my duties have changed and I’m learning new things, I feel more confident and prepared to take on anything that comes my way!

What is your proudest moment with ROLINC? 

One that comes to mind is when I found an error in a garnishment that was paid, they were disputing that we had not paid a pending balance, and after looking into it I discovered that not only had we sent payments, but they had been applying our payments to another case.

What advice would you have to new hires or candidates?    

Do your best, work hard, and have a good time!

What are your career goals for 2021?

Just keep learning in my new position and being an asset to the rest of my team however I can!

If you could choose to do any other job just for one day, what would it be?

Something in the Veterinary field.

What was your dream job as a kid growing up?

To be a Vet!

If you had to eat one meal every day for the rest of your life what would it be?


Any secret talents/ skills you have?

I have a talent for crafts, drawing, sewing, etc.

What book did you last read?


What’s the weirdest job you’ve ever had?

I don’t think I’ve had a weird job, but one where I had the weirdest interactions with customers was when I worked in a beauty supply store.

Biggest Pet Peeve?

When people are rude for no reason.

Congrats Ivonne on being an extraordinary team member, employee, and LEADER at ROLINC Staffing. We appreciate your dedication and can’t wait to see where your journey here continues to take you.


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