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Combating the Back-to-Work Blues: Start 2021 off Strong!

We have all experienced the rush of excitement when heading out of office before the Holidays, but getting back into the groove the following Monday morning can over shadow the excitement we once felt. Whether you are worried about your never ending to-do list or the mountain of emails you have to dig through, it can be hard to get back into the swing of things – but doesn’t have to be that way!



Planning your return is the best way to avoid back-to-work blues so you can enjoy your Holidays AND successfully take care of business without the stress.

We’ve prepared a few easy tips to help you stay motivated and moving forward:


  1.  Have a positive attitude about returning to work! There’s power in positive thinking.
    • When you find yourself thinking about your return the night before, try not to focus on that mile long to-do list. Instead, think about those elements that you are excited about. For example, seeing your co-workers, making that offer to a candidate, or maybe its stopping by your favorite coffee shop on your way in using those gift cards you accrued over the holiday!
    • Listen to a positive podcast on your way in! What better way to get focused and motivated mood than some uplifting audio on your drive in.
  2.  Come to terms with the fact: There is a lot to do!
    • Yes, your emails will be waiting for you. Make it a goal to knock out 10-15 responses in an hour, and make 7-10 calls the next hour. Setting small goals by the hour will make the mountain seem easier to climb.
    • Reward yourself for reaching your goals. Take a walk around the building after you knock out your goals, a little fresh air could do you good!
  3.  Add some variety to your workday.
    • Instead of doing the same ole’ same ole’ – switch up your tasks! Maybe move around your call blocks or do your admin work in the morning instead of the afternoon. Maybe you change your surrounding – if you can work standing, walking, or in a different work space – give a try! Sometimes changing your surroundings can help productivity.
    • Take on a small task that you don’t normally do – it feels good to accomplish something, especially something new! Organize that stack of resumes on your desk, connect with industry leaders on LinkedIn, or


Just remember, this is normal – even doctors have coined the term #holidayblues; everyone has high-hopes for the holiday season and returning to work can often make us a little sad. Even so, no matter how you truly feel about returning to work, we all have to do it, so might as well make it easier on yourself.

And if months later you’re STILL stuck in the post-holiday slump, maybe it’s not the holidays that put you in a sad state.. (Let the job search begin!)