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How Has the Current Market Impacted Construction and Manufacturing in Colorado?

Although some businesses have temporarily ceased operations, such as salons, gyms and theaters, the construction and manufacturing organizations of the United States continue on.

They may be open, but how are they impacted by everything surrounding their businesses?

While the skilled trades can oftentimes be transferrable from one industry to another, construction and manufacturing are still vastly different in how they operate.  Thus, they are impacted differently.  Here is what ROLINC Staffing has gleaned over the past month regarding those industries.

What has been the main impact seen by most businesses in construction?

The construction industry seems to have more suggested guidelines to follow compared to other industries. This is likely due to its high-risk nature requiring heavy oversight by OSHA

ROLINC Staffing holds an Associate Member of Associated General Contractors of Colorado.  The national AGC organization has provided helpful guidance in regards to best practices on construction jobsites.  They also published a pre-screening health questionnaire to ensure health and safety at the workplace.

The ultimate effect we’ve seen has been a postponement of projects and changes in everyday operations to meet the health and safety needs of employees and customers.  While projects are still planned to move forward, everything has been pushed back at least one month, or more, until the health of the country is back on track.  The majority of companies ROLINC partners with are working on projects that started prior to the stay-at-home order and are waiting for the “all-clear” to pick back up again.

For manufacturing companies, what has been the major impact of operations?

Manufacturing often offers individualized work stations, open-area team meeting spaces, and a stronger pulse on every individual coming and going due to sign-in records.  But much more affects their business than on-site personnel and visitors.

For these companies, they are trying to go on as usual, and in some cases are supporting the medical, construction and defense industries with their products.  As long as their clients continue to need, manufacturers continue to produce.  Supply and demand!

It is evident that manufacturing companies across the country have laid off or furloughed employees (temporary unpaid leave) due to either the slowed needs of their customers or space constraints.  But with COVID-19 stimulus plans to help unemployed or sick get paid leave, it is equally evident that those employees will be able to return when the time comes.

ROLINC has seen that manufacturing has seen tougher times than the construction industry in the past few weeks, but when the demand returns in other areas of business outside of the medical, construction and defense industries, many expect a surge production orders to be fulfilled.

How has the staffing industry been affected so far?

The staffing industry serves a broad range of businesses.  Some staffing agencies have been hit hard due to the industries they serve, such as hospitality and catering, which are not deemed essential by the government.  Other staffing companies supporting essential industries, like craft labor, are still hiring.

Fortunately, ROLINC serves as part of the latter, and we are happy to continue to provide our same services to our clients.  We’ve also taken steps with internal staff as well as field employees to uphold the safety of our community, clients, candidates and employees.

Just as COVID-19 has affected all businesses, ROLINC maintains the power of what we can control – our outlook, attitude, and continued commitment to our clients and job seekers.