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Navigating the Job Market during COVID-19 Epidemic

Right now the job market is experiencing something it never has before – furthermore, that any industry has ever seen! Massive lay-offs, hiring freezes, and uncertainty are an unfortunate fate that many Americans are dealing with right now. The industries to see the hardest hit thus far have been food and customer service.


According to NPR:

“New claims for unemployment benefits climbed to 281,000 last week as the coronavirus pandemic shuttered businesses and left people out of work, the Labor Department said Thursday.”


That’s the highest numbers the department’s seen since 2017.

So how do you navigate the current job market and stay out of unemployment? 


Continue to build your network / Work From Home

If you are forced to take time away from the office – find ways to take what you can home. Or find new tasks that can be done from home to stay productive.
This could be things such as building your network and online presence. Connect with current businesses that are still continuing to push through this difficult time. If you have other skills that can be utilized from home there are apps like Moonlighting where you can find those seeking workers from home to do things such as build websites, handle social media, etc.


Take on training and new tasks at your current position

If you’re still working with your current employer take this time to learn new skills or jobs that you can take on. Giving yourself a well-rounded set of skills makes you even more valuable. Try asking your manager take on a new relevant training online while there’s downtime.  If you’re a true team player and pick-up the pace where needed, it won’t go unnoticed!



This is always important – but more now than ever – for you to be your best at work, first you have to take care of your OWN HEALTH. An employer needs you on top of your game and in the right state-of-mind; and let’s face it, if you’re sick and overwhelmed you won’t perform your best.


What if I’ve already been laid-off or lost my job?


Don’t lose hope!

This is a new situation for everyone- businesses and employees alike are taking it day-by-day and adjusting accordingly. But as we’ve all heard, we will bounce back! There are still many industries that have not seen a huge impact to their work force. Keep your head up!


Find a SKILLED position that you can continue to grow with

It seems so far that skilled trades, production work, and transportation and logistics positions have rebounded due to the overwhelming need of products and goods around the country. Seek opportunities that are still thriving during this time and offer long-term stability.


Reach out to a long-term recruitment agency

Having trouble finding the right position? Reach out to a local recruitment agency that works with long-term opportunities. They can give you advice on what they are experiencing in the current market, what jobs are still active, and what long-term careers are near you.


ROLINC Staffing is a long-term staffing agency that specializes in skilled trades, production and manufacturing, tech, and construction. Reach out to a recruiter today to learn more.



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