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Kevin’s Future Is Bright with ROLINC’s Client Company – Bullseye! Employee of the Quarter


“Kevin has been one of the best additions to the team thus far — so if you keep sending us more people like Kevin, we’ll keep hiring them!” –James, Shop Manager

ROLINC Staffing focuses on long-term, career-oriented positions for both job seekers and client companies. We are happy to know that we hit our goal when we hired Kevin for a geotechnical engineering company in the Denver Metro area. His manager has seen his hard work and is looking forward to working with Kevin for years to come.

“Kevin is such a reliable guy,” continued James, “he’s always willing to help with anything we ask of him – right now he’s off his shift but is staying to help with a new project that he isn’t required to do. He’s great.”

If this doesn’t tell you how highly our client values Kevin, we don’t know what will!


It Was A Great Match From The Start

ROLINC had the chance to steal Kevin away for a few minutes and learn more about our stellar employee. Kevin graduated from college with a geology degree and therefore is looking to continue his career path in that field. With Kevin’s education and ambition, ROLINC was able to find him the perfect company to start his career.

Kevin knew he’d fit right in after his first interview with ROLINC’s client.

“Right from the start I loved the people and the culture,” Ryan said. “Everyone was so friendly and helpful.”

Even though he spends most of his time solo out in the field, he ALWAYS loves coming back to the office to see all of his colleagues.

Kevin loves to hike in his free time; he recently started backpacking, so he spent his Fourth of July hiking through Lost Creek Wilderness! In addition to his hiking trips, Kevin just moved into a new house — so he’s staying just as busy outside of work as he is on the job!


Kevin’s Future Is Bright With ROLINC’s Client

Kevin’s goal for the future with ROLINC’s client is to use his geology background in the engineering department. He says many geologists find themselves developing their career in the direction of engineering long term, but he is open-minded to wherever the company takes him!

“There’s a future here for me for sure. We’ll just see where it takes me.”

ROLINC awarded Kevin for all of his hard work and for being such a great employee by giving him a swag bag filled with goodies and prizes, as well as $75 in gift cards and a customized plaque.

Congratulations to Kevin for earning this prestigious award!


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