Take These to Heart: Interview Tips from a Long-Time Recruiter

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Take These to Heart: Interview Tips from a Long-Time Recruiter

“Never be nervous when given the opportunity to market your skills and talent. It’s the only time people are genuinely interested in hearing you talk about yourself.”  – Jason Vincik

– Written by Alexis Brady from her posts on LinkedIn

I’ve been in the recruiting industry for nearly 10 years, and have gathered some of the biggest interview impacters I’ve heard about since day one. You’d be shocked as to how much these are violated, even though most of them take no real time or effort. If you want to get a job or succeed in your interview, here are 10 quality tips to keep in mind.

Interview Tip #1 of 10: Hiring managers always ask if you have any questions at the end of your interview.

Put yourself over the top by saying, “What are 2 or 3 things I can do immediately to help with your workload? What is the biggest impact I can make right away for you?” Whatever they respond with, relate that to your experience and how you can accomplish it! (tip from expert Gary Stauble)

Interview Tip #2 of 10: Be aware of how you come off.

If you aren’t asking questions and don’t seem involved during the interview, it shows that you don’t care. Is that the case? Probably not! Point out things you do know. Ask about things you don’t. They want to see you TRY TO LEARN and ENGAGE with them – no one wants to talk to a dud…or work with one.

Interview Tip #3 of 10: Answer questions before they’re asked.

Have you heard “Don’t judge people based on the choices they’ve made if you don’t know the options they had to choose from?” This can be very hard for hiring managers to do based on a resume. Try to include at least some information on the choices you were given so they can why you made the career moves you did – this can give you a leg up as they see you can communicate strongly as well!

Interview Tip #4 of 10: Your resume needs to focus on your accomplishments.

Don’t put your daily tasks on there – maybe a few, but only the most important ones that led you to your successes. BAD EXAMPLE: Wrote letters to sales prospects to catch their attention and increase sales. BETTER EXAMPLE: Increased revenue by $60,000 in 2018, initiated through customized, well-crafted prospect letters detailing how to improve accounting practices using our newest software application.

Interview Tip #5 of 10: Be nice to everyone in the family.

I can’t stress this enough! If you are rude to the receptionist by not smiling, being pushy and just treating them poorly, how will you treat everyone else in the company? And know that they will be asked about their impression of you. Even if they aren’t polite to you, it’s your job to go the extra mile.

Interview Tip #6 of 10: Know your own work history.

Review and finalize your employer names and dates of employment on your resume and REMEMBER THEM! It’s hard to speak with someone who cannot fully remember their own details of their own work history or isn’t confident about what they’ve done in the past. If you’re interviewing, be prepared with this information!

Interview Tip #7 of 10: Practice your handshake.

Not kidding. You’d think this matters less than it does, but it can make or break an interview. It’s literally THE FIRST impression the interviewer will get of you. Don’t give a lobster claw, wet fish or any other underwater-type handshakes, don’t be a bone-crusher. And don’t assume because you’re a man or a woman, one style pertains to you – it’s a universal problem. There’s a good handshake and a bad handshake. So practice!

Interview #8 of 10: Be aware of your online reputation.

More often than not, after you get to a certain point in the interview process, the hiring manager will look you up on social media. What image are you putting out there for them to see? Are there pictures that you wouldn’t want your boss seeing? Are you in groups you’d rather them not know of? Do you just complain…and complain and complain again in the comments? Clean up your online presence when you’re looking for a job. You want your social media to help you get a job, not prevent it.

Interview Tip #9 of 10: Should you bring anything with you? YES!

  • Notebook
  • Copies of Resume
  • Pen
  • Mints
  • Deodorant
  • Snacks for you
  • It also can’t hurt to bring some donuts for the team!

Should you NOT bring something with you? YES!

  • Coffee
  • Coffee
  • Gum (please don’t chew gum in an interview! Go for mints)
  • Bad Attitude
  • Coffee

Tip #10: Don’t Lie!

It sounds easy to most of us, but inflating your experiences is very typical in interviews. If you are hired, you can quickly disappoint your managers by saying you can do something you can’t. BUT you can IMPRESS them by doing or knowing more than you said you could – this could make you invaluable. Wouldn’t that be the better choice?

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