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Guest Blog: Surviving a Commercial Construction Project

Recruiters in the construction industry already know being prepared is crucial for any project, as it’s one of the top qualities they look for in a candidate. This is especially true for jobs involving commercial customers. Businesses depend on their properties to do their work — whether it’s a production facility or a call center. Delays and cost overruns can take a serious bite out of a company’s bottom line. This is why it’s so important for project managers to be on the lookout for any potential issues. Although it can seem as if these problems pop up out of nowhere, the truth is that most of them are fairly predictable and easily avoidable. They simply require some careful planning and good problem-solving skills to overcome them.

For example, a common and disruptive situation that can occur on a job site is running behind schedule. Not only does this mean the customer will be without a vital resource for longer than expected, but it also has a tendency to push up costs. This can be a disaster, but often such an issue can be traced to unrealistic scheduling at the start of the project. When contractors don’t build breathing room into their calendar to compensate for the mistakes and delays that come with every job, they set themselves up for failure.

For more tips about how you can prepare yourself for nearly any situation on a commercial construction development, see the accompanying checklist.

Author bio: Andrew Pempek is Vice President of Pempek. For 60 years, Pempek has been a leading Chicago commercial electrical contracting company, specializing in industrial electrical power, maintenance services, control services and more. 


Surviving A Commercial Construction Project from Pempek