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Reggie’s Hard Work, Flexibility & Drive Got Him Great Opportunity

“He’s got great organization skills, he is a team player, a quiet guy but anyone new to the team trains with him. And he will work in any area. We’re glad he’s part of our team.” – Jonathan, Facility Manager

After an early start at 3:00 A.M., Reggie meets with his team in the break room at 10:30. It’s their morning meeting to get updates, reminders and plans for, on this day, the final rush before Christmas.

But this meeting today is a bit more special for Reggie. His entire crew, the guys that he’s come to know well over the past three months, are celebrating with him as he receives ROLINC’s Bullseye Employee Award for 4th Quarter 2017.

“Reggie stepped in and stepped up. It’s exciting for Reggie and it’s great to get a chance to recognize folks who do that,” said Phil, the warehouse operations manager who nominated Reggie for the award.

It’s a Big Deal

In 2017, ROLINC Staffing employed almost 1,200 people. Only one employee per quarter is selected with our highest employee honor, the Bullseye Employee Award.

The winner receives a $50 Visa gift card, a $25 gift certificate to a restaurant of their choice, a customized plaque, ROLINC goodies, and their story posted on our blog and social media to show their family and friends.

Reggie chose a gift certificate to Red Lobster, his favorite restaurant, to take his family out. Though, every one of his co-workers wanted to go to dinner with him!

Ready for His Job Offer

“I love it,” he said about his job. Reggie is a general warehouse associate at a Denver distribution center for a national furniture and appliance retail chain. The warehouse is large and busy, but the small, tight-knit team is talented and efficient.

The best part of his work day is driving the lift and picking orders. It’s an autonomous job and he likes to prove himself through hard work. Christmas Day was his 90-day mark and he’s hoping to get a permanent job offer.

“He can flex between areas, is great with customers during pickups, is flexible with his schedule, including the 3:00 A.M. start, and he backs up the process to do returns. He’s the only backup for that,” facility manager Jonathan boasted of our Bullseye Employee Award winner.

Right now, Reggie’s just about ready to head home for the day and celebrate with his family. Reggie has grown children with grandbabies, including a new grandson born just a few days ago. He seems excited to spend some extra time with his loved ones this weekend.

Congratulations to you, Reggie! ROLINC is glad to have helped you find a job you love and is proud to have you as an employee.

Would you like to be ROLINC’s next Bullseye Employee Award winner? Contact a recruiter to target the right job for you!