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Sisters Love Their Jobs & Feel Appreciated – Bullseye! Employee Award Winners

“I’ve been doing this for over 20 years and being recognized for our hard work really means a lot. You know you are appreciated after all the extra time you’ve put in.”

– Zoila D., May 2017 Bullseye! Employee Spotlight Award Winner

Sisters Carolina D. & Zoila “Chris” D. have earned the April & May 2017 Bullseye! Employee Spotlight Awards!

Chris has been working in the structural cabling industry for 23 years but has worked with ROLINC TecSupport since April 2013. Though the structured cabling industry is project-based, Chris has been working for the same TecSupport client for over a year and a half. And if they could have it their way, she’d be with them the rest of her career.

Now, her sister Carolina is enjoying the structured cabling industry just as much. She is very passionate about her career and it shows in the amazing work she produces.

“I wouldn’t be here without her. She always pushed me,” Carolina said about her sister.

They are able to work together on most positions through TecSupport, not because they are sisters but because they are hard workers who make a great team in a team-based environment.

Their manager Ruben only speaks highly of both employees.

“I can’t say enough about their dedication, hard work [and] work ethic.

That was the biggest thing. I could tell that about them right away,” Ruben said. “We had a job out of state and they traveled to Kansas. Their adaptability is great, and I have the ability to count on both of them to deliver[…] Other managers have also expressed phenomenal feedback.”

“It’s easy to give 110% when you have a great boss,” Chris said about Ruben.

ROLINC TecSupport Managing Partner Mark Feil has worked with Ruben for over two decades, so he knows who will work well as a team for him. It’s been a great fit on their projects together as well as other projects with other companies.

And Zoila and Chris push each other to be the best at their jobs in an often male-dominated field.

“It can be a challenge because you can get treated differently,” Chris said, “but people you work with see how hard you work, and didn’t see us as female versus male. I just see it as work and give it 110%.”

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