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Congrats to ROLINC’s ‘Bullseye! Employee Spotlight’ Winner!


“ROLINC [TecSupport] has always been there when I needed them.”

– Michael B.

Congratulations to Michael B.!

Mike has been working with ROLINC TecSupport since 2002. He was nominated to win the December 2016 ROLINC Bullseye! Employee Spotlight award due to his hard work at the new Denver Maserati dealership. While on that six-month project, Mike pulled almost all the cabling himself for the entire dealership. This included AV and security, outdoor contacts, card readers, and cameras.

After 13 years in military communications, Mike began working at US West after talking with them at a job fair in Hawaii. The company sent him to work in Colorado.

“I got hired as a central office equipment installation technician (COEIT). I started leading crews from the start, but after two years to the day I was laid off.”

That’s when he found Jack Peltzel at ROLINC TecSupport in Englewood. 

“I went to work at Lockheed Martin and got hired on out there[.] They contracted me through ROLINC and I stayed for years there before they started in-sourcing. It was quite a sweet job and I liked going out there everyday. And I got to hire a bunch of my own people [through ROLINC TecSupport] for the United Launch Alilance project, which was Lockheed, Boeing, NASA working together.”

Of his 17 years in Colorado, Mike has worked with ROLINC TecSupport , ROLINC’s sister company focused on the structured cabling industry, for 15 years. He likes the flexibility of the jobs he’s offered and appreciates that in a project-based industry he can reach out to us, know that we know his experience and offer him positions that would work for him.

“That’s why ROLINC’s good, too. You have flexibility [and] you get exposure to get out there that you wouldn’t just get on your own.”

In his spare time, Mike enjoys snowboarding, dirt biking, mountain biking, riding motorcycles, and fixing up and selling cars. He also enjoys live music shows (probably at some places he’s pulled cable for here in Denver!).

Mike’s prize included a $50 Visa gift card, a customized plaque and his story on ROLINC’s social media, including LinkedIn.

Thanks, Michael! We appreciate your hard work and congratulations on winning the ROLINC ‘Bullseye! Employee Spotlight’ for December 2016!