Safety Training Videos

These videos are required training for all candidates at ROLINC Staffing as a general safety orientation. They provide safety knowledge as well as safety culture information that should be interwoven into the fabric of every organization. Our recruiting teams will review specific job safety requirements per position during the interview process.

Dual Employment Partnership

While ROLINC Staffing provides general safety training and covers the cost of workers’ compensation, dual employment exists when it comes to employee safety. Dual employment is when an employee holds one position with an employer (such as a staffing company) as well as a second position in another department (such as the client or “host employer”). This helps build our client partnerships as we collaborate to properly ensure the safety of our employees.

¹As described by the American Staffing Association, “[p]romoting and ensuring temporary worker safety and well-being is the responsibility of every staffing firm. In 2013, [OSHA] launched its Temporary Worker Initiative focused on compliance with safety and health requirements when temporary workers are employed under the joint or dual employment of a staffing firm and a host employer. The initiative asserts both host employers and staffing firms have roles in complying with workplace health and safety requirements and they share responsibility for ensuring worker safety and health.”

Watch Safety Videos

“Safety is Not a Priority – Safety Training Video – Preventing Workplace Accidents and Injuries” created and posted by Safety Memos:
“Personal Protective Equipment – PPE” created and posted by Star Leasing Company:
“Protect Your Hands – Four Basics – Safety Training Video – Avoid Hand Injuries” created and posted by Safety Memos:
“Don’t Slip Get a Grip – Trips, Slips & Falls – Slip & Fall Prevention” created and posted by Safety Memos:
“Hand Truck Safe Operation – Safety Training Video – Back Injury, Back Strains & Sprains” created and posted by Safety Memos:
“Ladders & Falls – Safety Training Video – Prevent Fatal Accidents on Ladders” created and posted by Safety Memos:

¹American Staffing Association’s Safety Standard of Excellence Program webpage under section entitled “Your Staffing Company’s Role in Reducing Risk to the Temporary Workforce”:

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